About Us

Pure. Clean. Simple.

There’s nothing quite like a pristine, freshly painted space. No matter whether it’s a home, office or building. Inside or outside. The result is so appealing and makes you feel good to be there. You know the finished look you want but not too many people know what it takes to really get it. There’s a best way to do everything – especially when it comes to painting.

Pure preparation is absolutely essential.

At Carson Painting we believe that fanatical preparation is the secret to not only how fabulous the final job looks but how long it lasts as well. If corners are cut, so is durability. That’s why we put exactly the right amount of focus on the surface before it’s painted. Whether it gets scraped, sanded, stripped or blasted, we make it right. Wood, vinyl, plaster, stone, brick, cement, whatever. We make cracks, gaps and scars disappear.

We take the same approach to windows, glazing, caulking, trim, and anything else that requires attention. The right partner will identify any structural things that aren’t up to snuff. Like materials damaged from water and wind as well as insect or animal issues. Beautiful paint won’t hide a compromised surface for long. We always on the lookout for your best interests.

Clean painting is an art.

Perfect coverage without drips, sags, or runs. Consistent texture across any surface. Edges that define without wavering. We call it “clean” painting and Carson Painting does it every day. Having the right brush or roller is only the beginning. It takes a good eye and a steady hand. Not to mention lots of experience – which in our case is decades.

There are so many questions to answer before painting actually begins. Like what kind of primer should be used? What type of finish for the topcoat? How many coats? Can you be sure you’ve picked the right colors? Is there a difference between paint brands? We’ll explain our recommendations so you can be sure it’s the best approach.

Simple to work with.

At Carson Painting our goal is to make the entire process as simple and painless as possible for you. It starts with a walk-through. We carefully look at everything to identify any potential issues and challenges. We create an accurate estimate that’s easy to understand. We show up and finish when we say we will. And you won’t find loose paint chips on your paved surfaces or yard because we clean up during each stage of the process.

Most importantly we treat your property like it’s our own. We do our work as though our future depends on it. Because it does. Perhaps that’s why we get so much repeat business.

We’ve been in business over 40 years and proud of the work we do. Our aim to have completely satisfied customers.

Let’s discuss how we can help you bring your vision to reality. Give us a call at 215-616-2470.

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“We used Carson Painting to handle a particularly difficult bathroom. The old paint job get flaking off due to the steam produced by the shower. The professionals at Carson Painting recommened a special paint and primer that can withstand the moisture in the bathroom. The room has necer looked better and is a breeze to keep clean. Thanks John!”


Happy Bathroom – Happy Customer